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Refugees Integrating into Dutch Culture

Refugees Integrating into Dutch Culture

Dutch system of governance is built in a way that has ensured that all foreign nationals must be able to participate in the Dutch society. This therefore means that even if one is a refugee the government expects them to take part in the national development. This is majorly enhanced through a major law that states that a command of Dutch language is mandatory.

Over the years, the number of refugees in Dutch as greatly risen as they term Dutch as a safe country. According to Dutch magazine, over a period of two years, dutch government has received over 120000 refugees.

Integrating into Dutch Culture

As part of integrating into the dutch culture, refugees are embarking on a procedure to take part in civic integration exam. Since this is a right in the country, the government is ensuring that these exams are available for refugees. Once taken, the refugees are now able to know on how make hospital appointments, find work and also know what kind of schools are available and open for their children.  Here is a look at some of the successes.

Help from the Government

Refugees are being offered loans by the Dutch government as part of the integration to pursue civic integration courses and also language courses.  They are now able to begin courses voluntarily as they live in the refugee centers. Though by not doing this they might not get any punishment, the refugees have found it important to know their rights and also obligations and be able to understand the values that govern the Dutch society.

Through participation statements that welcomes newcomers to Dutch, refugees are able to understand and believe the Dutch values that are written or unwritten. This has ensured that refugees are able to learn rules for social interactions. In their centers, refugees have been able to take part and organize meetings that are meant to educate each other on ways to promote their integration into the Dutch culture.

The Dutch government has enabled refugees to find it easy to blend into their culture. Refugees in some cases are allowed to find information over the internet using their own language which can help them to find information about work and the governing rules as well. In addition, refugees have started to be given permission to obtain permanent residence in Dutch. This process has become a motivating factor to others who need to follow the required laws and procedures so that they can be able to learn the Dutch’s ways of living to avoid conflicts with the native people.